New York-based artist Adam Aronson places live musicianship at the forefront of his art as he channels artists of the past into a contemporary and eclectic sound.

With infectious instrumental arrangements, catchy hooks, and a strong vibrato reminiscent of Neil Young, Adam Aronson is breathing new life into pop rock and very much making it his own. Exploring themes ranging from empowerment to sadness, Adam resonates with listeners through not only the sound but also the messages behind his poignant tracks.

With influences ranging from Elliott Smith and The Verve to David Bowie and Liam Gallagher, Adam delivers a wide appeal across generations, reimagining iconic sounds and pushing them forward with a futuristic edge.

Since releasing his debut single ‘You Give Me the Words’ in 2021, Adam has gone from strength to strength, having been playlisted on Spotify’s ‘Top Country Music’ playlist, with critics stating "The best thing about COVID-19 is discovering new talent like this."

Adam released his latest single on December 16th, 2022 supported by a succession of live shows in Brooklyn and New York, as well as several podcast appearances.